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Datacard             Summary
Adventure & Outdoor Recreation These consumers have found meaningful recreation in camping, hiking, four-wheeling, and playing in the great outdoors. Most are family-oriented, and seek products and services, such as books, videos, tapes, and travel information that will help make plans for the future adventure activities. Can select male (57%) or female, family (63%) or individual interest. 100% home addresses.
Christians Seeking Help These active Christian direct mail buyers have purchased books and programs to help manage their lives in times of crisis.
Dieters By Special Interest hese dieters seek better health, disease prevention, greater energy and well being, and not just to limit weight gain. They also believe a good diet is the best bet for looking better.
Family & Vacation Travel Database This database of mail-responsive households who vacation is 63% female, with at least two cars and two children. 100% home addresses.
Homework Success for 'Time Starved' Parents This publisher produced a book and a series of educational brochures that coached busy "time-starved" parents on how to help their children with homework. It was sold directly to consumers via direct mail offers and catalogs, and also to institutions such as educational systems, the military, non-profits, educational companies, and counselors. Selections include both consumers and the institutional buyers. 30% with phone. 62% Female.
Luxury Vacationers The luxury vacation business is booming with more cruise ships, vacation packages, and tours available than ever before. In addition, personal services, such as fitness training, are on the rise. Tap into this wealthy, database of consumers and high-dollars spenders. 100% home address. 65% female. 33% phones.
Retiree Entrepreneurs Retiring individuals are fitter then ever and will live longer then their parents. They retain their productive and ambitious dreams to earn and save more money by using the skills, resources, and ideas they have developed through a lifetime of work. They also are practical, fearing that they will outlive their savings and pensions, or are motivated to leave a legacy behind for their grown children.
Spiritual Destination Couples This list is comprised of couples seeking spiritual destinations for their vacations, retreats, or honeymoons. The list is updated monthly from CD and book sales identifying the various destinations. 48% Female, No Phones.
Travel Book Lovers These travel lovers purchased books to plan their trips, save money, or to find better value for their travel dollars. 15% with phone. 71% Male. Average Order Size: $59
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