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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the source of your lists?
ListsThatWork represents hundreds of business owners who regularly send us their customer lists. Because most of these companies are small, they do not want to be known.

2. How recent are your lists?
Our lists are constantly updated, but a larger update occurs quarterly. Most of our lists are a little over 12 months, and may be up to 18 months. After that time, the names are deleted.

3. What does "recency" or "hotline" mean?
For an additional charge, we can select out "hotline" names:those individuals who have made recent purchases in response to direct marketing offers. Prices for hotline names are as follows:

  Recency Additional Cost 
  12-month $5/M
  6-month $10/M
  3-month $15/M

4. What is the minimum order?
3,000 names: one of the lowest in the industry.

5. Do you guarantee the names on the lists?
All response lists are guaranteed to be 95% deliverable.  The returned mailing pieces must be received within 90 days of the shipment of the list. Phone numbers are not guaranteed.

6. How many times can I use a list?
Our standard list rental agreement is for a one-time rental. Some clients wish to re-target the same names within a short period of the first mailing. For this reuse, we discount $10 off the base rental price. Multiple use arrangements are also available which offer unlimited use for one year. (Quantity x $245/base price)

7. How long does it take to get the list after I order?
Standard fulfillment is 2 working days, but rush orders are welcome.

8. What are the costs involved in ordering?
There is a base rental fee of $95. In addition to the rental fee, there are charges for any "selects" you make. For example, if you select names within specified states, or a specific gender, there is an additional charge of $5 per thousand. In addition to rental and select fees, there are processing and shipping charges. Please see the TERMS and PRICING section for specifics.

9. What is keycoding?
A keycode will decipher one list select from another. It is also a means of precisely tracking the response produced by a particular list. You may choose any alpha and/or numeric characters to identify your lists. This feature offers you the ability to identify where your best customers are located.

10. Explain net name and running charges?
"Net name" refers to an agreement between the list manager and the user which allows the user to pay for fewer names than actually ordered. ListsThatWork offers an industry low minimum quantity of 25,000 to qualify for this discount. The terms are 85% of the total names ordered and requires computer verification. A fee of $15 per thousand "running charges" is charged on the names deducted.

11. What is a "nixie"?
The term nixie refers to a mailing piece that is returned to a mailer because it is deemed undeliverable because of an incorrect name and/or address.

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